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Dorf Tirol - Merano

Holidays in South Tyrol

Dorf Tirol - Merano

Holidays in South Tyrol

Dorf Tirol& environment:

There are many sights worth seeing around Dorf Tirol and Merano and Environs:

Tirol Castle

The archeological museum provides an overall view about the early settlers (7 BC) in this alpine region. From the Bronze Age, there is a melting furnace, still fully intact to be seen.
The main wall, built around 1100, remains one of the oldest and best preserved castle walls including parts of the battlements. Also to be wondered are the marble porches from the 12th Century. The original symbolic sculptures belong to the most creative Romanistic work in Tyrol. The chapel with Freskos from the 13th Century also has the oldest Tyrolean stained glass windows and an enormous wooden carved crucifix from the 14th Century.

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Bird Care Centre near Tirol Castle

In a wonderful landscaped setting and with integrated educational pathroutes, visitors can learn about the fascinating life of birds of prey. The main aim of the centre is to nurse the helpless and injured birds until they are again healthy, and then introduce them back into the wild. If this is not possible the centre gives the animals a new home.

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Brunnenburg Castle

The Brunnenburg Castle is said to be named after a nearby spring and lies on a glacial hill between the village centre and Tirol Castle. The fortresses date from between 1241 and 1253. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Brunnenburg was privately purchased and restored. Today it is a cultural centre and home of the South Tyrolean Agricultural museum.

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The city on the river Passer displays all the variety and charm that one can find in the region as a whole:

The city’s calendar of events offers you a wide range of programs, full of highlights: from the International Flower show MeranFlora in the spring to the traditional Grape Festival in October, from the enthralling horse races to the Music Festival of Merano that offers classical music at the highest international level.
Those with an interest in the visual arts will find a visit to the Merano art gallery “kunst Meran” a must, while the Art Nouveau and Belle Epoque buildings and monuments should not be missed.
Leisure facilities: where the Merano Thermal baths, a modern palace of well-being, is connected to a century old hiking path where, more than a century ago, the Empress Sisi came in search of relaxation.
In Merano the old and new are neighbours, the traditional coexists with the modern, and rural charm meets urban chic.

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On the sunny slope above Meran, where once the Austrian Empress Sissi went for her strolls, are situated the terraced gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle. The gardens promise “the world in one garden”: ancient cultivated plants, the cacti and succulents mound, the Landscapes of South Tyrol, deciduous trees and conifers, tea- and rice terraces characterize the beautifully cared for gardens.

The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle are divided into four sections
Sun Gardens
Ancient cultivated plants of the Mediterranean like lemon trees, grapevines, cypresses and lavender which create the unmistakable ambience of the South, are growing in the Sun Gardens. On the southern slope underneath the castle lies Italy’s northernmost olive grove; the nearby cactus- and succulent gardens leave a breath of desert in the air.

Water- and Terraced Gardens
The Water- and Terraced Gardens bring together a wide variety of different types of gardens: stepped paths lead to the formal Italian-style Garden, to the English Garden of Herbaceous Perennials and to the Sensual Garden. The steps are accompanied by watercourses that flow into the gently curving water-lily pond.

Landscapes of South Tyrol
The Gardens dedicated to South Tyrol exhibit the variety of the local natural and cultural landscape: cornfields, orchards, chestnut groves and a multitude of different tree species may be admired in this section of the Botanic Garden.

Forests of the World
In the Forests of the World, deciduous trees and conifers of American and Asiatic origin grow alongside each other. Tea- and rice terraces from the Far East as well as a Japanese Garden are situated in the immediate vicinity.

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Merano Thermal Baths

Though the treatments offered still include radon-containing mineral water (radon spa), the Merano Thermal Baths of today do not have much in common with the traditional health resort of the past. An impressive oasis of well-being has been created in the heart of the city. A transparent cube of glass and steel with warmly accented wooden elements, arches above the thirteen indoor pools. In the 50.000 sq. meter park belonging to the thermal baths, twelve open-air swimming pools have been added. The overall effect offers pure relaxation in the midst of nature.

We are a partner hotel of the Merano Thermal Baths.

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Schenna, located across from Dorf Tirol on a plain above the Passer, is the perfect destination to dive into the cultural history of the area. Among the sights of the town, you will find famous religious architecture, such as the Roman round church of St. George, dating back to the 12th century, with a winged altar by Schnatterpeck, the old Roman parish church Assumption of Mary, with frescos dating back to the 14th century, and the even older Church of St. Martin. The new parish church, on the other hand, was built in the 20th century.

Mediaeval architecture and the Schenna Castle, which was constructed in the 14th century, dominate the town. In 1845, archduke John of Austria acquired the castle and it is still in the Count of Merano’s possession, who is one of the archduke’s descendants. The picturesque castle can be visited and is home to a museum with paintings, suits of armour, and military equipment, as well as items of daily use from eight different centuries. Among these you will find mementos of the archduke and the Andreas Hofer collection he started. Close to the castle, a distinctive building made from granite and red sandstone will catch your eye. The building, which can also be seen from the bottom of the valley, is a mausoleum built in 1869, where archduke John and his family were laid to rest in the crypts.

Natural beauties

On these pages, we would like to introduce you to as much of the stunning nature around Dorf Tirol and Merano as possible. Aside from the mountains, meadows, lovely valleys, chestnut groves, and orchards, these are some of the enchanting spots we would like to bring to your attention:

Lake Kalterer & Lake Montiggler

In the midst of an enchanting vineyard in the Etschtal, you will find Lake Kalter. The average water temperature of 28 degrees makes it one of the warmest bodies of water in the Alpine region. Here, you can go for a swim, surf, or walk along the bank and taste regional wines in the local cafés. The swimming pool of Lake Montiggl near Eppan, surrounded by wooded slopes, also invites you to a swim against an Alpine backdrop.

Fragsburg & Partschins waterfalls

Above the Fragsburg and across a rock wall near Partschins, impressive masses of water come crashing from the rock. The Fragsburg waterfall, with a height of 135m, is the highest of its kind in South Tyrol, while the Partschins waterfall reaches an impressive 97m.

Knotten cinema

Near Vöran above Burgstall you can take a seat in a folding chair, just like at the cinema, and admire the gigantic “panorama screen” of the Etschtal. To that end, artists installed seats on the Rotsteinkogel (1,465m). “Knotten” is our word for rock, by the way.

Museums & Culture

Passeier Museum

The listed court of the Sandwirt – the birthplace of Andreas Hofer (1767-1810), a South Tyrolean freedom fighter in the independence wars against the Napoleonic occupation – can be found in St. Leonard in Passeier. In today’s museum, you will find several exhibitions including worthwhile exhibits about Hofer and his time.

Bunker „Mooseum“

Moos in Passeier – about 7km from St. Leonard – is home to an unused bunker complex originally commissioned by Mussolini. The unusual area will take you on an exciting time travel, from the prehistoric past of the Passeier valley all the way to the present. The exhibits span all the way from glacial arrowheads to an ibex enclosure right outside.

Railway world

The largest digital model railway in Italy can be found in Rabland. The exhibition, which is a must-see not only for railway enthusiasts, is home to over 20,000 model railways and one of the most extensive private collections of Europe. Take a good look: the detailed miniature landscapes on a scale of 1:87 have been designed with great care and are a feast for the eyes!

South Tyrolean Archaeology Museum

This renowned museum showcases a time span from the Stone Age, to Roman antiquity and the barbarian migration, all the way to the time of Charlemagne. Its elaborate special exhibits regularly become a talking point. It owes its worldwide fame to a ‘glacier man’ from the Tisenjoch, whom you might know under the name “Ötzi“. The more than 5,000-year-old mummy is probably the most famous South Tyrolean, and can be visited in a special cooling chamber.

Messner Mountain Museums

Across all of South Tyrol, you will find six museums that are part of a large museum project initiated by mountaineering legend Reinhold Messner. He refers to the project as his “15th eight-thousander”. Each exhibition is dedicated to a specific Alpine theme. The different museums are located in Sulden by the Ortler, in Bruneck Castle, on the Kronplatz, on the Monte Rite, in Sigmundskron Castle near Bolzano, and in Juval Castle near Naturns, which can be reached quickly from Dorf Tirol.

Bird Care Centre

Bird Care Centre

In a wonderful landscaped setting and with integrated educational pathroutes, visitors can learn about the fascinating life of birds of prey. The main aim of the centre is to nurse the helpless and injured birds until they are again healthy, and then introduce them back into the wild. If this is not possible the centre gives the animals a new home.


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