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Dorf Tirol - Merano

Holidays in South Tyrol

Dorf Tirol - Merano

Holidays in South Tyrol

Dorf Tirol - Merano

Holidays in South Tyrol

Your centrally located hiking hotel near Meran Spend your hiking holiday around Dorf Tirol

Your centrally located hiking hotel near Meran - Spend your hiking holiday around Dorf Tirol

The nature is overwhelming, the climate mild, and the views seem to go on endlessly. The landscape is also stunning: a wild river bend with an ancient bridge here, a cute apple garden there, lovely meadows, castles surrounded by vineyards, steeply sloping mountains, and a high plateau with rustic cabins serving hearty meals elsewhere. Choose a different route every day for your hiking holiday near Dorf Tirol. Our huge network of hiking paths provides an attractive variety of routes. And using our hiking hotel near Merano as a home base, you can conveniently discover the Burggrafenamt district and the bordering Vinschgau, the Passeier Valley, Merano 2000 or the Texel Group.

Our hiking region offers tours for all purposes and difficulty levels. Leisurely hikers can set off on cabin tours or explore cultural highlights, while mountaineers will most likely want to discover the ridgeways of the Texel Group. Our famous Waal paths and walking paths invite you for a stroll around Merano to enjoy the panorama. As an established hiking hotel near Merano, we would like to suggest the following hiking routes:

Waal paths always follow the stream

Waal paths – always follow the stream

A network of Waal paths meanders through almost the entire Merano region. Together, they form the Meraner Waalrunde with a length of about 80km. You can hike the entire route on your hiking holiday around Dorf Tirol in eight daily legs or select a specific Waal path for an individual tour. The name of these idyllically located hiking paths, which are lined with gurgling, aboveground water veins, goes back to the old term “Waal”. This term was used to describe irrigation channels that were installed hundreds of years ago in order to bring spring water from the mountains to the mostly dry soils of the orchards and vineyards. For maintenance purposes, a Waal has a path running parallel to it. Since this form of irrigation has lost its relevance, the Waals developed into beautiful hiking paths. We would like to present to you some of the most popular ones in the vicinity of Dorf Tirol:

Kuenser Waal

Itinerary: Dorf Tirol – Spronser Valley / Longfall – Gasthof Ungericht – back

The approx. 2.5 km long “Waal” runs along almost entirely level countryside through the forests above Kuens. Except for its last part, the “Waal” has preserved its initial state and is still in use. The path along the irrigation channel is nowadays a popular hiking trail.

Algunder Waal

Itinerary: Gratsch – Algunder Waal – Plars – back

The 6 km long “Waal” runs along almost entirely flat countryside from Gratsch and Algund to Plars across fruit orchards, forests and vineyards. In many sections, the irrigation channel has preserved its original and natural state but in other sections the water runs underground through pipes.

Marlinger Waalweg

Itinerary: Töll – Forst – Marling – Tscherms – Lana

With a length of 12 km, the Marlinger Waal is the longest and biggest natural irrigation channel of South Tyrol. He leads from the Töll to Oberlana, crosses forests, meadows, orchards, vineyards, wild gorges as well as steep rock slopes and passes various farms and local inns. The “Waal” has preserved its initial state in most sections but it runs also through pipes, concrete channels and rock tunnels. It is still used for the irrigation of the orchards and vineyards in Marling and Tscherms

Maiser Waalweg

Itinerary: Dorf Tirol – Aichweg – crossroad Jaufenstraße – Passerdamm to Saltaus

The Maiser Waal with a length of approx. 9 km is one of the most important natural irrigation channels of South Tyrol. It has preserved its original state in most sections and it is still in use. The path along the “Waal” which leads from Obermais to Saltaus offers beautiful hiking opportunities.

Riffianer Waalweg

From Kuens to the Pilgrimage Church (Wallfahrtskirche)

The Riffianer Waalweg trail begins above Kuens Church (car park) and runs mainly through shady forest to the Roesslhof above the Pilgrimage Church in Riffian. The irrigation water is piped. The hike may be extended onto the Roesslsteig path as far as Saltaus.

Length: 1.5 km
Walking time: approx. ¾ hour

Partschinser Waalweg

On the Sonnenberg mountain
This irrigation channel trail has been left in a natural, unspoilt state, and is perhaps one of the most beautiful irrigation channel paths; it runs from the Zielbach brook and traverses the mountainside above Partschins. From Partschins it continues via the small access track towards the waterfall. Above the Salten Inn the trail turns right and along the romantic irrigation channel path; through the sparse stand of trees there is the opportunity to enjoy numerous wonderful views of Meran and the surrounding area as well as the calming sound of the water. The last section runs through orchards to Vertigen, the eastern part of Partschins.

Length: 3 km
Walking time: approx. 1 hour

Schenner Waalweg

Above the school and the Café Ifinger we turn right and we cross the street “Ifinger”. We go upwards to the valley station of the Taser’s funicular railway near the hotel “Pichler”.
The beautiful path “Waalweg” starts on the right hand side; walking southwards we reach the romantic “Katzenleiter” and the farm “Brunjaunhof”. The path offers a beautiful view on Meran. It continues above St. Georgen and goes downwards back to Schenna.

Brandis Waalweg

The Brandis Waalwag takes a left from the Gampenstraße Road in Oberlana and leads via the monastery Kloster Lanegg and St. Margareths Church to the waterfall in the Brandis Canyon in Niederlana. The path runs through orchards, vineyards and chestnut groves and offers beautiful views of the Tschögglberg Mountain, Lana and the Merano Valley Basin.

Walking time: ¾ h

level of difficulty: easy

Walkways and promenades follow Sissi’s trails

Walkways and promenades – follow Sissi's trails

When Merano started to attract more and more visitors at the end of the 19th century, many easily accessible walkways were constructed in order to showcase the full beauty of the spa town and its surroundings. Mediaeval fortifications, the roaring Passer, picturesque views across cedars and palm trees into the Etschtal – these are the unrivalled scenes you will experience when hiking on the town’s promenades. An absolute must on every hiking holiday near Dorf Tirol is the Tappeinerweg on the mountain slopes above Merano. And even if you decide to choose a different promenade, you will get to enjoy a very special combination of the abundant nature and a romantic city tour. Please use these sources to get some information in advance:



Hans Norman Falkner (1906 – 1988), born in Gurgl in the Ötztaler Alps, is held in high estimation by the inhabitants of his adopted place of residence Dorf Tirol. He was the one who financed the renovation of the church organ and who initiated in 1972/73 the construction of a comfortable footpath to Tirol Castle leading from the petrol station to the “Doss” viewpoint. The beautiful promenade which offers an amazing panoramic view was named after Hans Norman Falkner in recognition of the fact that he privately financed the entire construction project. In 1988, the year of this death, his monument was erected on the promenade.



Tappeinerweg Walk

An easy stroll, about 2.5 hours, with sweeping views over the roofs of the town of Merano: it’s a South Tyrol classic. The path, which has an average altitude of 380 metres, affords fantastic views of rooftops of the city and sweeping views of the whole area.

From Merano, there are several approaches to the Tappeinerweg: going up the steep path called the Tiroler Steig behind Merano’s parish church, from Via Galileo Galilei/Galileistraße road by the valley station for the Küchelberg chair lift, up the steep path called the Schlehdorfsteig off of Via Giuseppe Verdi/Verdistraße street, and from the Castel San Zeno/Zenoburg, past the Polveriera/Pulverturm Tower.


Gilf Promenade in Merano

This path in the dramatic Passer Gorge, near the cliffs of the Zenoburg, winds through fascinating subtropical vegetation, and is guaranteed to appeal to romantic visitors. It was constructed by the Imperial Counsellor, Dr Hans Prünster in 1879-1880. Repeated rock blasting, and the erection of high supporting walls and arches, were necessary to allow the path to reach its objective – a small terrace directly below the Zenoburg castle.

Here you can see the raging Alpine torrent pour through the narrow gorge. A few steps back, and you reach the path ascending to the Powder Tower and the start of the Tappeiner Promenade, with a magnificent panoramic view over Meran and the Etsch Valley.


The Sissi Promenade


It must have created a flurry of excitement back in 1870 when the Empress of Austria arrived in Merano – together with her entire court – to make her winter home at Trauttmansdorff Castle and partake of the city’s mild and healthful climate.

Sissi was an avid sports fan: her love of long hikes led her from the castle through the nearby downy oak forest on her “charming path, sprinkled with fine gravel” where she could “take a remote and undisturbed walk, far removed from the hum of the world”.



Theme walks in Dorf Tirol

Walk devoted to wine – lilac route

Village centre > Hauptstraße > Schlossweg > Falknerpromenade > Keschtngasse > Gnaidweg > swimming pool “Wasserpark” > Hauptstraße > village centre.

Difference in altitude: 100m

Distance: approx. 3km

Walking time: approx 1½ hours


Walk on theme of apples – red route
Long alternative route:

Village centre > Aichweg > Ruprechtskirche > go left up to Lingweg > as far as below the Seminary > E-Werk (power station) > Auer Castle > Küglerhof > Wörndlehof > Lutzhof > Doss > Falknerpromenade >village centre

Difference in altitude: approx. 250m

Distance: approx. 4.5km

Walking time: 2 hours

Short alternative route:

Village centre > Aichweg > Ruprecht Church > go left up to Lingweg > as far as below the Seminary > E-Werk (power station) > Gadnerhof > Haus Adang > Seminarstraße >village centre

Difference in altitude: approx. 150m

Distance: approx. 2.5km

Walking time: approx 1 hours



Panoramic walk – yellow route

Village centre > Hauptstraße > Segenbühelweg > Friedenskapelle (peace chapel) > Zenobergweg > Tappeinerweg (powder tower) > Saxifraga > Tiroler Steig > Segenbühelweg > Hauptstraße > village centre

Difference in altitude: 280m

Distance: approx. 5.5km

Walking time: approx. 2 hours



Cultural walk – brown route

Village centre > Schlossweg > Tunnel “Knappenloch” > Kiosk/Leisterhof > Schneeweißhof > Weißgütl > Oberötzbauerhof > Thurnstein Castle> St. Peter > Tirol Castle > Falknerpromenade > village centre

Difference in altitude: 100m

Distance: approx. 7km

Walking time: approx 3 hours



Waalweg (routes along water-irrigation canals) – blue route
Long alternative route:

Long alternative: visitors’ bus stop for no. 10 bus> uphill to Haus Pircher > water collection point > Finele brook/waterfall > Küglerhof > visitors’ bus stop for bus no. 9 (Pamerkreuz)

Difference in altitude: 100m

Distance: 5km

Walking time: 2 ½ hours

Short alternative route:

Short alternative: visitors’ bus stop for no. 10 bus> uphill to Haus Pircher > water collection point > Spronser Weg > Tiroler Kreuz > visitors’ bus stop for bus no. 10

Difference in altitude: 100m

Distance: 4km

Walking time: approx. 2 hours



Herrschaftsweg - blue route
Route: Tourist Information Office » Falknerweg » Schlossweg » pedestrian path to Vellau » Herrschaftsweg » Innerfarmer » trail nr. 23B

Difference in altitude: 299m

Distance:  5915m

Walking time: 1h 55m


Hotel Bellevue***Hotel with a panoramic view





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